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    in/out markers being set in the sequence instead of source clip


      Here's what's happening:


      1) I open a clip in the source monitor

      2) I set the in/out points of a subclip and drag it to the timeline, no problem

      3) I scroll around in the source monitor, finding a new clip

      4) I hit in/out and try to drag the clip from the source monitor

      5) The original clip is dragged over and I notice that the in/out points were set on my sequence instead of my source monitor.


      The issue seems to be that focus doesn't follow the mouse intuitively? The focused/highlighted window remains the sequence even if I'm actively scrolling around in the source monitor and even if I hit in/out keys while the cursor is in the source monitor window -- the only way I can get the source monitor to be the focus is if I explicitly click on it.


      I've only recently upgraded after some time over in FCP-land, but I feel as though this didn't seem to happen to me in previous versions of Premiere. Is there a preference or anything I can do to enable this to work? Many thanks in advance if anyone has ideas.


      I'm on OS X Mountain Lion.