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    Need help installing Flash (IE8, XP)


      Hi.  I need some help to successfully install Flash.


      My laptop is running Windows XP, Service Pack 3,  IE 8.


      I've used Flash on my system for years, but it recently stopped working. I'm getting prompts to download it whenever I try to use Flash content through IE (such as on youtube) videos, audio content, etc.


      I deinstalled my existing version, and try to download/install the latest version from the Adobe website.

      First I was getting this error:

      "An error has occured in a script on this page

      Line 1
      Char 14866"

      and the install would hang.


      I tried disabling my firewall/AV, enabling all cookies, etc during the install, and still got that error.


      Since installing from the internet wasn't working, I downloaded the direct install IE file to my desktop and launched it from there.

      Adobe® Flash® Player Installer/Uninstaller 11.5 r502 (install_flash_player_ax, 11.5.502.146)


      It seemed to install (the Flash test page showed up showing the installation was complete), but Flash was not recognized when I tried to access content through IE.  Reading forums it seemed liked sometimes it would take several tries, so I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall.  But it is still not working.  If I go to the Adobe site to check version, it indicates that I do not have Flash installed.


      Lots of time and tries,but have not been able to get a working version of Flash on my system.


      Any ideas?