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    RichRh61380 Level 1

      I'm trying to create a test application using LifeCycle Data Services and Fkex 3 beta 2 (I know this is a Flex 2 forum but I couldnt see 1 for Flex 3).

      Yesterday, a simple chat program was working fine but I've started the IDE today and I'm getting the following error...

      Server SDK: mxmlc.jar not found in classpath of C:|lcds\jrun4\servers\default\samples

      I'm using the samples folder as it's the example chat program that comes with LCDS that I'm using to test.

      Any ideas please? When I rebooted this morning I temporarily didn't have an internet connection - I have now but the message is still there. I've tried forcing a re-build but no luck. I've seen adobe bug tracker online and they say this message appears when you use an IP in the path, but as you can see I'm not.

      Thanks for any help,