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    import Tagged Text - get all errors

    M Karthik Level 1

      I have developed the below vb.net script to place the text file into the InDesign  Document


        Dim Indapp As InDesign.Application = New InDesign.Application
              Indapp.ScriptPreferences.UserInteractionLevel = InDesign.idUserInteractionLevels.idNeverInteract
              Indapp.Open("C:\\Users\\karthikeyan\\Desktop\\mytest.indt", True)
              Dim myDocument = Indapp.ActiveDocument
              Dim mypage As InDesign.Page = myDocument.Pages(1)
              Dim mytextFrame As InDesign.TextFrame = mypage.TextFrames(1)
              Catch ex As Exception
              End Try


      Now i want to save the tagged text import errors/warning message as a text file. Is it possible to do using the script. Please help me on this........



      Karthik. M