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    CS5 InDesign crashing incessantly - Won't allow update - Other Programs in Suite work.. Help?


      Here's the crash report :http://pastebin.com/JT0wu2yk


      Upgraded from CS2 to CS5 recently, and since then InDesign will NOT open.  I simply get the 'Unable to open' dialouge with options to Ignore / Send-Report / Reopen.


      I've been at this for a few hours reading through forums and I have tried the following:


      Find and delete Preferece files - except the 'Library' folder isn't where it should be (It's in Macintosh HD>Library  and not in Macintosh>Users>[USER]>Library)... could this be the issue?

      I've tried to CMD-OPT-CTRL-SHIFT the Preference files to delete them, with success, but it doesn't help - still crashes.


      Any help from this community would be capital'A' Awesome!  Thank you so much in advance.  I imagine that I would upgrade to CS6 without issue, but I'd rather not.