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    Photoshop elements 10 crashes on an ad hoc basis




      I purchased a Wacom 22" tablet which came bundled with a download of PS elements 10.


      When I initially installed it it would crash when trying to open in in the edit mode. After spending hours on the phone with "live Chat" I had no joy.


      Un-installed the program(including the deactivation option) and re-installed it. This worked for +- 4 weeks  and again today it will not open i.e symptoms the same as at the initial install.


      Windows returns a message : Windows has encountered a problem  and the program shuts down


      I have tried reinstalling now on 3 occasions with no joy.


      I tried to resurrect the case ( Case no 0183822569) with live support however  I cannot seem to find the link to live support on the Adobe support portal , hence my placing this posting.


      Can anyone please help!


      Operating system Windows 7 Pro


      Alternatively how do I resurrect this with live support?