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    Khmer Script Justification Broken in InDesign CS6

    nathanwells Level 1


      One of the greatest features of InDesign for me personally was its ability to correctly justify Khmer script (Cambodian). I've used InDesign CS5.5 for a while and have never had trouble (using the script here: http://www.thomasphinney.com/2009/01/adobe-world-ready-composer/ to enable the world composer).


      A few days ago I upgraded to InDesign CS6 because of the e-book features, but to my dismay, InDesign CS6 no longer justifies Khmer script correctly, but jumbles the text all over the page (and even shoots text outside the margin)!!


      Can anyone shed light on this? Am I missing some preference or something that needs to be enabled??



      This is CS6
      Khmer InDesign CS6.png








      This is CS5.5

      Khmer InDesign CS5.5.png


      And here here's a dropbox link to the CS6 file: Khmer Doesn't Work in CS6