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    Help to building AR


      Hi I am from Indonesia, I'm new to flash, I'm making a project Augmented reality with Adobe Flash Builder .. I choose actionscript project, I want to create a desktop-based application which requires. SWF file ... I tried to find the option to export the file to. SWF file, but I do not find it, for the master flash please help ... sorry if my english is not good ..



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          Nabren Level 3

          Flash Builder should aleady be building the .SWF file to the output directory.


          You can check this by right-clicking on your project and selecting Properties. Go to ActionScript Build Path and check the Output Folder - that is where your compiled .SWF should be.


          NOTE: You can also go to Project -> Export Release Build and choose a folder if you want to do a release build.

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            ardhiles Level 1

            Thanks for the answer, but if i move the folder to desktop or other place, that swf cant launch..

            like a white blank flash.


            I need the swf because i want to combine with adobe flash cs 5, i make the " Menu " with flash, and AR with actionscript project in flash builder 4.

            im like crazy now to combine them

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              Nabren Level 3

              Sounds like you have a different issue going on, then. Are you getting any runtime errors when it launches into a blank application? Perhaps you are using relative paths and it can't find the file you are trying to load when you switch the directory?