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    Convert dual mono back to stereo - Premiere & PluralEyes

    snoshreddax21 Level 1

      Alright guys, here's my dilemma.


      I record external audio on my zoom recorder and sync it up in post with PluralEyes in premiere. Basically how this works if you're not familiar is, I load all my footage (video and external audio) into a temp sequence and export that via XML. Then, I import that sequence into PluralEyes and it does all the syncing, then exports out a second XML that has the same footage but the audio synced up. Now, this seems all fine and dandy except when it exports the second XML back out, it converts all my stereo audio tracks to dual mono.


      This is a dealkiller for me. Between fades and all the work I need to do within premiere, it's a lot easier to only have to make those adjustments on one track rather than two. I've tried changing the 'default audio tracks' in premiere's settings but no dice.


      SO, my question is as follows:


      Can I make PluralEyes spit out a STEREO synced sequence, or, can I convert the dual mono tracks back to stereo within the synced sequence either in Premiere or Audition somehow? I'd like it to be as streamlined of a solution as possible as I don't always manage to import all my footage at the same time. So, if I have a shoot that lasts multiple days, it's kind of a pain to go back and forth between Premiere and Audition and juggle different sequences and multitrack sequences around for every day I import new footage.


      Also, might be worth mentioning I have Pluraleyes v2, not the newest v3 after Red Giant bought Singular. I also have CS6 Master Collection.


      Thanks a ton for the help guys. If I was at all unclear explaining above please don't hesitate to let me know.