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    How can I set an in point when the [ key doesn't work because I have a German keyboard?

    Davyd Melnyk Level 1

      Hi, I'm new to CS6 and was working through Adobe's After Effects book. Some of the shortcuts don't work for me, presumably because I'm using a German keyboard. In Chapter 11 I'm having problems because I need to select a layer, go to a specific time, and then set an in point, but the [ key doesn't work. Does anyone know of a German equivalent or of a different way to set the in point? Alternatively, if I look at the coloured bar in the timeline representing the layer for which I want to set an in point, can I achieve the same effect by clicking and dragging the edge of the coloured bar until I reach the required time? Or does this fail to preserve the relationship of any existing keyframes etc which I may have set up for that layer in a way that the [ key would? Grateful for any advice.