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    ValueList function error after migrating CF8 to CF10

    M phani kumar

      Hi All,

      We are migrating our reports from CF8 to CF10. (uninstalled existing CF8 and installed CF10) in 32bit OS.


      After upgradation of CF10, tried to open our report, then we got the below error.

      ----------------------error --------------------------


      The ValueList() function has an invalid parameter: DS_ODBC_LIST.entry.Parameter 1 of function ValueList which is now DS_ODBC_LIST.entry must be pointing to a valid query name.


      -------------original code -----------------------------------






      <cfset DSNnames = valueList(DS_ODBC_LIST.Entry)>

      -----------------------------original code--------------------------


      Then tried to dump / print the DS_ODBC_List using CFoutput/cfdump then we got error like:


      Variable DS_ODBC_LIST is undefined


      in CF Administrator the tag CFREGISTRY is in enabled tags list.



      can some one suggest me what the alternate tag / any patch I can use to solve the issue ?


      Thanks in advance!!!