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    CS6 Can't Open/Create Files after a period


      I've seen several threads around for a issue the same as this (None with anything useful) and seeing as i can't really see how to explain it, i'll use Coestar's Video:



      Which shows the exact issue i'm having, the only difference is that I'm running CS6 Extended.


      The Problem is not always present, sometimes happens on first launch, sometimes after a few hours use.

      If it does happen during use ussaly apart from not opening files some tools will act weird like brush strokes going down but disapearing on release of the mouse button...


      I've spent the last few days searching the web, these forums and such for a solution but haven't found one...


      What i've tried to rectify this:

      • Reset Preferances
      • Buying a key and reinstalling... (The issue Appeared on a trial version and hence due to use of the program and the error i bought a key...)
      • Reinstall Photoshop
      • Remove Third Party Plugin (Nvidea PS Plugin for Normal maps, ect (The issue started long after this was installed))
      • Update Nvidea Display Drivers
      • Update from 13.0 to 13.0.1
      • Changing to a Larger Scratch disk
      • resetting Workspace (someone claimed this fixed it for them)
      • Disabling Anti Virus (Avast!)
      • Disabling Plug-ins from running on start up (Both through keyboard command and through renaming the plugins folder)
      • Changing the Default printer



      I've contacted the 'Australian' (which actually seemed like a Redirect to another country, but i digress) Customer help desk to no avail, the technical Chat online to which they stated "Come back in 2 hours when the PS team is on" which i'm currently waiting in que for now...


      Honestly i doubt anyone i'm contacting on Adobe's side can help, less they be a programmer on the PS team... :/


      DxDiag: http://pastie.org/5927099

      PS SysInfo: http://pastie.org/5927282#


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