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    How to contain a sub-component in the module instead of containing it in the main application




      I've 3 files

      1. Appln.mxml (application file)  ----  contains main application
      2. component.mxml (component file)  ----  contains component
      3. module.mxml (module file)  -----  contains module


      Generally the 'component.mxml' file will get loaded into the 'Appln.mxml' file (i.e., 'Appln.mxml' file will contain the custom component files) and whereas module file will get loaded on-demand.


      So Now instead of containing the data of 'component.mxml' file in the 'Appln.mxml',  I want to contain 'component.mxml' file data in the 'module.mxml' file itself and load the 'component.mxml' when module is loaded on-demand but not when application is loaded. So can any one please suggest me how to do it?


      Thanks in advance..