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    parent thoughts

      Hi there!
      Some might have seen my discussion about parent. Got that figured out! Thanks Mike!!

      Now, here´s the next problem i ran into. I have a house wich i can rotate now, and the roof follow thanks to the parent script.
      But when the roof i visable, i can´t rotate the house, because the roof is in the way. Is it possible to let the mouse igonere the roof so i still can drag to rotate my house? (using drag model to rotate and the house is parent to roof, so roof follow house).
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          Level 7
          It kind of depends on how your prgram works and what it is meant to do,
          but perhaps an easy way around the issue would be to make the house and
          the roof models into a single model. In 3d Studio Max, you can group
          them together and re-export. Just make sure that they use different
          materials (shaders).

          Now, in Director, they are a single model, so the drag to rotate will
          work. If you want the roof to disappear, you can adjust the visibility
          of it's shader by changing it's blend value to 0.


          Then you can change the blend back to 100 when you want it to reappear.
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            biiin Level 1
            This is the best resolution by far!! Im so very happy =)..

            Is it possible to use thise when using a multi subobject textures to? Using 3Ds max if any one would liked to know ;-)