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    Need clarification on exporting an mxf with 8 channels of audio from Windows 7 Premiere Pro CS 6.0.3


      I have read and followed the numerous threads on this subject. I am thankful the broadcaster has the patience to put up with my test files. Yet after the broadcaster has rejected my fifth test file, I am asking for help.


      I set up an 8 channel Master. Channel 1 is a stereo mix panned left. Channel 2 is a stereo mix panned right. Channel 7 is a copy of Channel 1. Channel 8 is a copy of Channel 2.


      The broadcaster still says there is no audio on channels 7 and 8, even though I can see those channels in my mixer as having audio. Posted is a screenshot of my timeline and mixer setup.


      Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks!