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    Allow SW users to print a TOC book and chapters/pages as opposed to one topic at a time??




      We have been searching the forums and online communities to determine if there is a way to allow our software users to print a book and its contents as opposed to just one online help topic at a time.


      We are using RoboHelp 8 and generating WebHelp for software developed in PowerBuilder and .Net.


      Our software allows users to complete processes and users want a way to print the whole process from beginning to end (book with pages) as opposed to just page in the book or the F1 level help. We've been working with RH since the dark ages and remember a time when it was possible for users to print entire books, but cannot figure out how to do it now or if it is even possible at all!!?


      For example, in the image below - the user wants to print Applicant Tracking and all the topics beneath is to explain this updated process to their users as opposed to going to each topic and printing it...


      One workaround we considered is generating separate printed source docs with just the book and its chapters, then posting them in PDF format, but this means we are still driving the content and creates additional documents to create and post as opposed to allow the user to pick what they want to print. 


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!