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    How to retain uuid from XML instead of generating new ones in Premier Pro CS5.5?




      I use Premiere CS5.5 to import XML sequences and export them back again to XML after a slight edit.I am in the process of writing a simple script that would manipulate the XML file that I get exported out of Premiere CS5.5 to my next application - but am running into problems of the unique identifier of the clips, the uuid.


      If I bring my XML files to FCP (Final Cut Pro) and then export back to XML - it retains the same uuid codes for the clips. However, Premiere, for some unknown reason, decides to generate new uuid for those clips, which then makes the exported XML useless for me to use.

      Due to many reasons I prefer to use Premiere rather than FCP - so something as trivial as retaining the uuid is crucial to me.


      Is there a setting I'm missing about telling it how to import XML files? Or - is there a settings file I need to manipulate that would prevent it from generating new ids?