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    Adobe Premiere CS 6.03  problem importing / exporting .mov Aspect ratio 16:9 720x576 not recognized

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      Hi, We have a big problem with ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CS 6.03 lastest version , and .mov file 720x576 made in 16:9 aspect ratio.


      Adobe Premiere can't recognized the right aspect ratio on .mov file and import the file in 4:3 format.


      The images are distorted in timeline because the image was made in 16:9.


      Finally, I need to go on the menu "Video effect" to the parameters 'width scale" and set the file to the value of 134, and so I have 16:9 format


      Is it normal ? Maybe not....






      If I try to export the file in the same format:


      Format: Quicktime

      Codec:  PAL , H264,AAC , 48KHZ

      Go to video menu select ASPECT RATIO: D1/DV PAL WIDESCREEN 16:9


      The output file created is: 1050x576 under Quicktime information file.


      The right output made by Final Cut or Edius is 1024x576


      If you read the file information with : Mediainfo or Gspot , the right format is 1024x576 not the 1050x576!


      is it normal? Maybe not....