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    Why CF10 is dead slow unless CF9 is also running?

    Dimitris D

      Up until recently I only had Coldfusion 9 running on a 64-bit 2008 server. Today I installed the Coldfusion 10 trial. The installation went OK and the CF9 settings were migrated to the new CF10 installation as expected. The instalation did not remove the CF9, which is good as I have something to fall back to if I run into serious code compatibility problems. After sometime while I was happily testing I decided to stop the CF9 services as I didn't think they were necessary any more. But as soon as I did that everything became really slow and even the CF Administrator login page took around 2 minutes to load. Things got back to normal only when I restarted the CF9 from the services again...


      Why did this happen and what can I do about it? If there is no solution, is there a problem having both CF9 and CF10 running on the server even though CF10 is the version that controls all coldfusion pages?