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    A newbie - Hosting Woes of Images folder


      Hello everybody, As stated in the subject I am a newbie wanting to learn how to host a simple website, the same given in the Dreamweaver help as a turoial called Cafe. Now I have registered myself with serversfree for free website hosting and I have all the ftp details as below. I have managed to remotely host the site, having filled in the relevent details in under the manage site menu. The connection worked fine. The website is hosted and it displays too. HOWEVER the images do not correctly load from the images server. Please find below the images of my Site Defination and please can someone find any mistake there and shed light on why the images are not loading properly.



      DW_remote.JPG DW_TestingServer.JPG


      In this site cafe, there is a flash .swf file which picks 4 different images from the images directory and is supposed to change them when the next button is pressed. These 4 files it fails to pick and display.


      Another image called street_sign.jpg which is also lying in the Images directory and is displayed on the main page ( index.html ) is correctly displayed.

      The menu buttons all display the same webpage called menu.jpg. This page also has to pick some files from the Images folder, but it fails to load even a single jpg file even those which are common with the main page (index.html) and which are correctly displayed when index.html gets executed on accessing the site. One of these comman file is banner_graphic.jpg which is correctly displayed in index.html but fails to load in menu.html.  Find below the files map of the local site as well.




      I have gone nuts trying to sort this for the past 3 days trying various combinations of the settings but to  no awail. I am sure this must be a brain cracker for any new comer and a solution to this would help a vast section of the community. Looking upto the nerds for any help and thanking you all in advance.