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    Fade in & Fade out Clip trouble


      Hey guys, so I'm fairly new to Premiere and I still have a lot to learn. Apologies in advance for potential obvious questions.


      In Premiere Pro CS5, I'm currently having an issue where the fade out/fade in transition between two clips results in a sort of skippy/choppy section of clip.


      The original clips are fine when they are by themselves, but when fading out/fading in over each other, the problem occurs


      I've attached a youtube link to the link to clarify.



      Here's some info about the clip if it may help:


      -The original clip was recorded on Garry's Mod (Game), using the built in Source Recorder. The original clip was a .dem file


      -The .dem file was converted to a .webm file using an in-game converter


      -I used VLC Media Player to convert the the video from a .webm file to a .mp4


      On another note, how do I get the exported video resolution to match the sequence resolution?