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    Eclipse cannot find methods inside CQ Jars


      I build a simple feed importer bundle in crxde lite, which worked perfectly. Now I was looking to move it all to eclipse and svn, so I added all the maven dependencies and downloaded the jars, the problem is that for some of the Jars eclipse tells me that the method does not exist for example


      Importer.java from "cq-polling-importer-5.5.0.jar" is being implemented by my class and I override the importData method


      public void importData(final String scheme, final String dataSource, final Resource resource)
          throws ImportException {}



      Eclipse tells me to remove the @Override annotation because importData must override a superclass method. This works fine in crxde lite.


      Similar issue with org.osgi.framework.FrameworkUtil.getBundle(), eclipse tells me this class does not have a getBundle method but the method does exist and it works fine in lite.