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    context sensitive help, adding mapping ID

    jtpiazza Level 1

      I am updating a HTML help project file and having trouble adding additional mapping ID's. The .chm file works fine within the application we are using using the original data. However when I add to the .h file to add additional mapping ID's, its not working (only on the new mapping ID's I added. When I use the CSH Test application, it works fine. Its when ever I add additional mapping ID's it does not work within the application. So far Adobe hasn't been able to figure it out.


      To Clarify:



      Original file looks like this: (these work fine within the application - outside of RoboHelp)

      Works fine with the CSH Test within Robohelp


      #define HIDD_ADMIN_REPORT_9G                               906      // 0x0000038a  906

      #define HIDD_ADMIN_REPORT_10A                              1000     // 0x000003e8  1000

      #define HIDD_ADMIN_REPORT_10B                              1001     // 0x000003e9  1001

      #define HIDD_ADMIN_REPORT_ELAPSED_HOLD      1101     // 0x0000044d  1101


      the values I have added: (these don't work within my application, but do work fine with the CSH Test within RoboHelp)

      #define HIDD_ADMIN_REPORT_9h                            131080

      #define HIDD_ADMIN_REPORT_9i                                131081

      #defineHIDD_ADMIN_REPORT_9J                                131082

      #define HIDD_ADMIN_REPORT_9k                                131083

      #define HIDD_ADMIN_REPORT_9L                            131084


      PART of my question is - what is the // 0x0000038a 906 - mean? when I export the file it doesn't add those values


      HELP !