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    Cairngorm Service Locator and XML

      Hi all,
      I am currently working to retrieve an xml list from a webservice into my Cairngorm project. During a test run, I used the <mx:WebService dataProvider="treeColl" resultFormat="e4x"/> tag combined with a <mx:XMLListCollection source="{WebserviceWS.lastResult.RetrieveDataResult.Member}"/>. This worked perfectly.

      Now however, Im using the Cairngorm ServiceLocator as
      <mx:WebService id="WebserviceWS" >
      <mx:operation id="RetrieveData" resultFormat="e4x"/>

      and my command takes the returned data and tries to store it in the modellocator as

      public function result(data:Object){
      ModelLocator.treeData.source = data.result.RetreiveDataResult.Member

      In the modellocator
      var treeData:XMLListCollection = new XMLListCollection();

      I am getting the data object back from the webservice but it wont put the items in the XMLListCollection in the modelLocator. I have tried all possible combinations of data.result.XML.RetrieveDataResponse.RetrieveDataResult.Member, data.result, data.result.RetrieveDataResult.Member, etc etc etc.

      Does anyone know what could be happening here that would cause the XMLListCollection to not be able to use the returned data?

      Thanks so much.
      Im exhausted.