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    Looking for computer compatible with Premiere Pro cs6


      Hello everyone,


      I am looking to invest in a new computer desktop that could support programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro cs6 and Photoshop cs6. I would like to go with a DELL computer if possible and I definitely need something that can support HD video editing. What would you recommend??
      My budget is max 1500$. I have been looking at the Dell XPS8500 however the graphics card (NVIDIA Geforce GT640) is not listed in the tech specs required for the Premiere Pro cs6 program and I'm not sure if it's strong enough to support the Adobe programs. If it's possible, I would also like to have a re-writable BR optival drive, but it's not a necessity.


      I will be doing a lot of video editing (I am a film student) and I will be using video footage from my Canon 60D.

      Please let me know your best suggestions and if I should build my on PC, what do I REALLY need to be able to edit videos with ease (no lagging, etc.).




      - Jackie