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    can anyone write a actionscript for flash project

      Hi All,
      Can anyone write a Actionscript for my project.
      I want to develop my project with the flash.
      My project scenario is, I have total no of 60 (.swf) flash movies and are about to take 4 to 5 minutes each, my aim is to display 20 .swf files randomly at a time on the screen.
      i.e., if we click on a button for the first time, it should display a 20 flash movies on the screen and when we click for the second time it should display other set of 20 flash movies it may or may not repeat the previous ones. It means every person should be displayed with a different set of flash movies, no two persons can get the same set of movies. The movies should be randomly selected.
      Could you please direct me to meet my scenario, could you please write a script for my flash.

      Thank you for your precious time.
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          You are going to have to provide more information. What version of Flash are you using? Which version of Actionscript? What do you need help with? Importing the individual .swf files, or, the random selection, or playing the files, or something else, or all of the above?
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            ndippy Level 1
            Thanks for your reply.
            I was using flash 8.0 version, I explained you about scenario of my project.
            I need to display 20 movie clips each time and are different to be shown for every user i.e., randomly. I have total of 60 movie clips. Those are quick time movies. Each time a different set of images should be shown for the user, some may repeat for the next time, some may not. I was new to the action scripting.
            Could you please write the script for me?
            Thank You.

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              BSpero Level 1
              Folks on here are pretty good about helping out others who are trying to learn actionscript, or have trouble with understanding concepts. They are less likely to volunteer to do an entire project for you. I'd suggest trying to do it yourself, and asking specific questions about the process. Both of your posts are way to general to allow anyone to give advice that would be worthwhile. You have said that you have 60 .swfs in your first post. However, in your second, you said they were 60 quicktime files. There are very different processes for each option there. Are you planning to display 20 at once, or let people scroll through them? What size are your clips and what size are you developing for?

              Start small, like just trying to load one movie clip randomly, and then work your way up. Experiment with changing the positions, sizes, etc. When you run into trouble, ask a specific question about what you are trying to do, and people will be happy to help.