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    Resizing ads

    Vince Krochak

      I created an animated ad for a client and now she's decided that she wants the ad scaled down to a smaller size. Is it possible to achieve this without starting from scratch and keeping the animation and triggers?

      Any help wourl be greatly appreciated.

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          dhosford Employee Moderator

          Hi there,


            You could try making the animation a symbol, and then resize the symbol externally. Just right click your animated element and choose "Convert to Symbol", or, highlight multiple elements and right click and choose "Convert to Symbol". This will move all of the animated pieces into a new symbol, which can be edited externally with transform properties.


            After you create the symbol, click the symbol and simply use the scale options in the properties panel to scale it down to smaller size.


          If you need further clarification let me know. I hope this helps!