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    Default font size for message buttons


      I am using Office/Powerpoint 2012 and Adobe Presenter 8.

      When a quiz question is created all of the elements use formatting from the theme, default shape, default text box etc. The appearance tab formatting can only be applied AFTER the quiz has been created and these settings are ignored when the quiz question is created.

      I can manage all of the formats using power point formatting EXCEPT for the font size on the message buttons! It is always sized to 18pt. I am forced to navigate back to the appearance tab and "apply formatting to all existing quizzes".

      It's not all that time consuming but it is an extra step that could be eliminated if i could only find how to set this default font size!!

      The font size i am trying to default to is Calibri 16.

      The font that is applied to new message buttons is Calibri 18.


      Any idea how this can be accomplished?


      p.s. Is it also possible to change the position of the buttons?

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          alpi agarwal Adobe Employee



          You need to change the Quiz message font using the the Appearance tab in Quiz. There is no other way.


          Also , you may change both the orientation as well as the position of buttons using the Appearance tab in Quiz.

          Goto Appearance->button placement->Orientation

          Appearance->button placement->Position on slide