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    Hyperlink issue CS6


      Hi all,


      i need help!  hoping someone out there can assist.  I am working in CS6 on a PC.  I've been creating files with active hyperlinks in Indesign, and then making pdfs from these.  Up until yesterday, these were all working fine. Here's what happened yesterday... my company replaced my hard drive completely.  Last friday I was having general issues, so they formatted a whole new drive for me and swapped it out yesterday, rebuilding my profiles etc.  Now for some reason, none of the links work in ANY of the files I created previously (and there are a LOT)... and when I go into the Indesign files the hyperlinks are showing broken and have basically disappeared in the links panel... I'm not quite sure what has happened, but I know it's something with my machine or settings, because when I copy the items with the links out of another file that someone else created (that works fine) and place them in MY indesign document and then try to create a pdf again, the links mysteriously don't work again.  Has anyone seen this happen or have any ideas??? I've tried looking into my preferences but they seem fine. Our IT Dept. does not know anything about the software itself.  I would greatly appreciate any assistance.  Thank you in advance.