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    Pasting stuff larger than document - fit to window?

    synterx Level 1

      This is driving me crazy, and I've never found a solution. I spent a half hour googling the issue - and got nowhere.



      If I open a ps file that's big, copy the content, and paste it into a smaller document, I have to do a Command-0, to be able to view the whole image with handles on the pasted content, then manually pull a corner with shift held down until it's close to the size to fit, then manually size the whole thing back up to 100%.  Craziness.


      Why can't I paste content into another doc, have the transform handles be there, with the clipboard content sized within the window?


      This is NOT a problem with Placing stuff from Illustrator

      This has nothing to do with resolutions


      This is simply a request to find a way to paste something big, into something smaller, without having to zoom out until I can see the transform handles.


      Any ideas?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Why are you not using menu File>Place the default Photoshop preference setting for place will scale the lager document to fit within the smaller canvas. The layer added will be a smart object layer that contains all the images pixels in the embedded object. In fact if the placed image file is a layered or RAW file the embedded smart object can reopened and modified by double clicking the layer's smart icon in the layers palette.

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            synterx Level 1

            No, not place, paste. Unless you know of a way to use the Place command to place something on the clipboard, which I don't see how to do that.


            I have to photoshop files open side by side. I need to drag the contents from one to the other. Not place an illustrator file or something.


            This is the problem, all my google searches kept pushing the conversation over to Placing an image.


            I don't want to do that. Paste.