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    image quality / frames per second

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      I'm new to Presenter. I'm trying to capture video in SD rather than HD to keep file size down (approx 30-40mb for 5 min video vs 100+ mb) but video quality is not ideal. (I have adjusted the focus and tried with autofocus on as well as off - not a solution)


      Using Logitech hd pro c920 webcam, 2 powerful lights with umbrella difuser, have closed all other programs. The finished video runs at just 15 fps (that's true even for ny HD version). I thought more light would help so i got these 2 pro lights - really bright and hot. My HD version is just 15 fps but looks great - I am just worried about the large file size.


      Shouldn't the video run at about 30 fps? I don't see where I can control that. I'm guessing that could improve the image quality. Or are there other solutions?




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          Vikram@Adobe Level 1

          Hi mikescott,

          The maximum fps allowed is 15 fps in Video Creator which is enough for good quality video considering storage space and processing constraints. The term HD is mainly related to the 1280x720 resolution and not with the fps. There is no control present in the VC where you can manage the fps. Fps are mainly camera dependent and hugely affected by the lighting and pc available memory and other factors.

          If you want to reduce the size of the video, you can tweak the publish quality setting present at the setting window. Medium/High/Best gives similar quality. Click on the setting icon at edit/publish window, to get the setting dialog.





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            mikescott Level 1

            Wonderful – thank you!