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    Adobe Profile "My Products" doesn't show CS6 as registered at all.

    Michael - PG

      I recently upgraded from CS5 to CS6. I purchased thru a reseller and received a download link from Adobe. Everything downloaded, installed fine (except for not doing anything about CS5 - but oh well), and everything is running okay except Acrobat X Pro suddenly stopped working.

      Reading through the forums I found that to fix this, one needs to launch any of the CS6 apps (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) and "deactivate" your license, close the program, relaunch, and reactivate the license.

      *sigh*....alright, I was going to do that but know Adobe and their quirky ways with installs, I thought best to make SURE that the CS6 I bought was registered and showed up in the lists under "My Products" - but it doesn't, and I can't find any way to add it. It claims I don't have a valid serial number (despite being cut and pasted directly from the PDF of the License Certificate!)

      I'd feel a lot safer fixing Acrobat if I knew my CS6 was properly registered. Can anyone help me with this? InDesign and Illustrator both say under Help to "Complete/Update Adobe ID Profile"  - which is up to date and saved. Photoshop under Help the "Product registration" is greyed out.