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    Compile Error and Crash

    jptoney7852 Level 1

      Hi, problem in Premiere CS5.5.  I have a sequence that I update daily in a project.  As a matter of fact, I have 3 sequences that get regular updates.  All work fine except 1 which causes unknown compile errors, and eventually causes Premiere to crash.  I've isolated it down to the first part of the sequence but I can not find anything that is causing it.  If I take those elements away, it works fine, if I add then I get a crash. 


      Workflow for this sequence.  I have 3 pieces to the sequence, the intro, the info changed, and the ending.  The info changed is a seperate sequence (I did this for ease of change and for final export) that I edit.  I go back to the main sequence to export.  That is when the crash occurs.