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    Why do TOC do not properly display levels,... even after I set them to?




      I am having a major hard time trying to get my TOCs to properly display levels. I have been doing research on the subject, but it seems any recommendations have proved futile.


      The issue:

      • My ID docs TOC's do not display levels at all
      • I have pretty much tried everything. I have gone to simple styles for Chapters and Sub Chapters to see what the issue would be





      Some Findings

      • One article I found which outlined ID having issues with inset text boxes
        • It seems setting an inset on text boxes with TOC content affects the display of such
        • I tried removing any insets but results still did not fix the issue i face


      • What the hell am i doing wrong?
      • Is this a bug in ID CS6?
      • Is there anything I should not be doing when formatting a style that will be used on the TOC?
      • Are there any "NO NOS" I should be aware of here?
        • I mean, the above image is a test i built using a bare bones approach. The "Chapters" and "Sub Heads" styles are truly basic formats. The only attributes to these styles is a change in font style and size:
        • styles.jpg


      Thank you to anyone who can help me on this.




      ID 6 (v8.0)