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    Flash Builder 4.6 mobile simulator question


      I have Flash Builder 4.6 for Mac, I'm  developing a mobile application for iOS. When I test the application, the simulator comes up huge, is there a way

      to configure the simulator so that the simulator show itself as being the same dimensions as what the application would be if were actually on an iPhone 4.





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          Nabren Level 3

          Not that I know of within Flash Builder however it is possible to make a web page and manually calculate what the final size would be by dividing screen DPI by the device dpi and scaling the resolution accordingly.


          There is a hack to get screen DPI in JavaScript:


          <div id='testdiv' style='height: 1in; left: -100%; position: absolute; top: -100%; width: 1in;'></div>


          var screenDPI = document.getElementById('testdiv').offsetWidth;


          NOTE: DPI is mostly standard across browsers and generally you get 96 on Windows and 72 on Mac. However, as the browser is rendering based on this DPI (and not your actual screen DPI) everything matches up.


          After you get the final dimensions then you just change the width/height of your Flash div on the web page. There are a lot of documents available on the web on how to resize the Flash content inside a web page if you need help with this.