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    RH7 Map IDs

      Well I tried to include an image here for clarity, but the problem is this:

      Previously in RH5 we created bookmarks and linked them to Map IDs. Just upgraded to RH7. Created new project, added bookmarks, imported HM files, assigned Map IDs to the bookmarks.
      1. In one instance, I have two bookmarks within a single topic and attempted to assign each bookmark to a different Map ID. In the EDIT MAP IDs Dialog, the second bookmark in the topic does not appear under TOPIC in the left pane--the icon indicates that Map ID has been assigned to a topic, but the field is empty. I ran a report and the report shows that all Map IDs are assigned as I intended. I played around some more, and it seems that I can assign the topic to a Map ID and the first bookmark in that topic to a Map ID, or only the first bookmark, but the 2nd bookmark will never appear to be completely assigned (because that bookmark name does not appear in the TOPIC column).
      2. In our company's program, the F1 Help on the screens mentioned above only takes the user to the first topic in the project--not even to the correct topic generated in this new project. The old projects run under RH5 in this same program (they are all compiled into a single compilation list/TOC in our program) still work correctly. For this 2nd issue, I am going to discuss further with programmers to ensure that all is as it should be on their end for this new feature set, but I wonder if it is related to the issue above.