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    Remote server not updating with newly edited image


      I can do the basics in Dreamweaver, and I've searched all over for this answer, but I cant quite find an answer to what I'm looking for:


      I add a local image to my email newsletter. I then 'put' it to the remote server.

      I realize I need to edit the image. I do so, then I 'put' the image to the remote server again, so it will have the updated version.

      There is a 50/50 chance the server will actually update with the new image. Right now, nothing I do will get the server to update (I've tried refresh, synchronize, and restart program). I can see the image was "last modified" at 5pm. But I put the new version of it at 6pm.

      If I try to properly link my image by adding "http//website.com/images/myimage.jpg" in the source area, the image will automatically revert back to the original version!


      How do I get the remote server to refresh with my new image?