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    Connection fails in my builds, but other Cirrus apps work fine.


      I've been building a dead-simple test of Cirrus, but my NetConnection fails to connect every time.  This despite my passing cc.rtmfp.net with flying colors and playing with other Cirrus apps just fine on this machine.  I even got another dev to sign up for a beta key to try an alternate -- no luck.


      My app opens up a NetConnection to "rtmfp://p2p.rtmfp.net/639-[redacted]-18f/" with a random username and the "NetConnection.Connect.Failed" occurs immediately.  The same thing happens if I try to connect to rtmfp://baloney.  I've tried launching my test app in the content player -- no luck.  I've tried running it from a remote server, nope.


      I'm not running any firewall software.


      Why are my attempts failing when others are succeeding?