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    Error Message : "Importer detected a generic error" Please Help.


      My problem is most likely very simple, with the research I've done I've concluded it is one of 2 options(probably):


      1. The project settings are wrong - I've tried quite a few within NTSC(where I should be) but the same error occurs. I am using videos taken by my Iphone 4s. I'm just not sure on any of it and couldnt seem to find an answer online.


      2. I didn't import them correctly. I've been importing them simply just by clicking on the files from my iPhone's folder while it is plugged in and dragging them into another foler on my computer. I know this isn't correct but I didn't have a importing software and I could still watch them on Windows Media Player so I thought it was fine.


      It could be something else but I have everything installed for it to work so I'm not sure. I may need to download a program that allows me to convert specific properties or something?


      I'm pretty confused with all the properties to videos and video formatting so I'm having difficulty solving this on my own. Thanks for the help (: