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    New! Put multiple fields on one line

    RandySwineford Adobe Employee

      Previously only one field/item could be placed on a line within the Design tab. With today’s release (1/19/2013), you can now put multiple fields on one line – this has been by far the most requested feature.


      A field can be added beside another field/item by clicking the insert button to the right of the last field/item.

      Side By Side - Add Item Widget.png


      When the insert button is clicked the insert menu will appear to choose the type of field you want to insert beside the existing field.

      Side By Side - Add Item Menu.png


      Note: Rating scale, attachment field, horizontal lines and page breaks cannot be put beside other field/items (they must be on a line by themselves)


      You can also drag and drop existing fields/items.

      Side By Side - Drag and Drop Field.png


      The forms you created before this release can be edited to have a side by side layout.


      Side by side layouts have been added to 28 of our templates.


      Please tell us your feedback and enjoy the feature.