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    Problem adding text caption


      I have a problem by adding text caption on an existing movie. When a click on icon for adding text caption, nothing happen and i see in the timeline space a line with the text: TYPE CAOTION TEXT HERE but i can't do nothing and no text caption appears. Then the application frozen and if i click on the left in the edit section, i lost the small screen.

      The problem happens only with an existing movie. If i create a new movie, i don't have this problem.

      I don't know if it is a setting problem. I didn't have this problem before and i use Captivate for 1 1/2 years.

      Thank for your help.
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          I've never heard of that problem. Are you inserting the caption in a captivate file that you created or a file that someone sent you? What version are you running?
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            jbradley88 Level 2
            It could be that Captivate is inserting a Transparent text caption and you didn't notice.

            Check the dropdown on the New Text Caption dialog and see if it says "Transparent". If so, change the caption type to something else and Captivate should remember to use the new caption type the next time you insert a caption.
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              CatBandit Level 3
              Hi andre2297,
              If the caption object is being displayed on the time-line (and it is, because that is the " Type caption text here") then it is being added when you click the toolbar Text Caption object. Move your mouse to that that object on the time-line, and double-click it to open its Properties dialog. This will allow you to see what caption style you have, and to change the text in the text-caption box.

              Your comment ...

              "Then the application frozen and if i click on the left in the edit section, i lost the small screen.
              ... is lost on me. You will have to restate it, as I cannot understand what you are saying.

              The fact that you have been using Captivate for a year and a half suggests that you are using either Captivate 1 or 2. Which is it? Regarding the apparent "lock up" you referred to, is this project one that was originally created in an earlier version? Thanks for more information, "andre2297".