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    Photoshop CS6 Lag in windows 8




      I did a search in the forum, but couldn't find something specific to windows 8.


      When photoshop CS6 was released. I took it for a spin on windows 7. Everything worked perfectly. Then my school offered it at a reduced price and we got a free version of windows 8. So i thought, why not?


      Now i can't even use it! every time i use any tool that draws on the canvas, i get a horrible delay and the movements of the pen (Wacom create tablet) do not even register. I can't really do anything efficiently with PS now! My computer is old, I know that, but everything worked well (no OpenGL though) on windows 7, I am only seeing this in windows 8. I tried using the tablet with other drawing applications (mypaint, GIMP), works perfect! Really strange!


      Here's what I tried so far:

      1- disable tablet service (renamed to touch keyboard in windows 8), I read it would interfere with PS, no luck!

      2- disabled flicks, didn't help


      Here are my specs (don't laugh, as I said, I'm only using PS in basic mode, my laptop is 5 years old):

      AMD Athlon X2 (dual-core) TK-57

      ATI Radeon HD X1200

      Wacom Create

      Windows 8 x64

      4GB of RAM


      This is really a deal breaker for me with windows 8. i'm seriously considering a downgrade right now! I would like to avoid that, though, so any help is much appreciated.






      Okay, this is really strange! I've been working on a big project for school since christmas, so i wasn't able to test everything. I just closed PS and reopened it, now there is no lag! But now the pen buttons don't work! (I have to do the stupid windows click and hold to right click) and the pen eraser doesn't work at all (it works just like the pen tip!)


      Now when I did that, Windows somehow decided to turn flicks back on! I turned them off and the lag returned! What is going on here?


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