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    help for robohelp server


      I'm sure it's user error, but ... I'm evaluating Adobe Technical Communications Sutie (which I've never used before) because we'd like to publish help files out to a web site with an existing app running in a .Net environment. I've searched everywhere, but can't find the documentation that tells me:

      1. do or don't I need RoboHelp Server ( I think so, but I'd like to see why in writing)
      2. the actual process to publish out to the web

      Can anybody help direct me to where this documentation might be?


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          johndaigle Level 4
          Hey, zjillian and welcome to the forums!
          In the case you outline, I don't believe you would need the RoboHelp Server *necessarily*. It's optional and depends on whether you would like to use the features provided by the server. You can read this article that explains more about the server.


          If you don't need these features, then publishing as plain "WebHelp" to support a .NET app would be fine. Either method can use the .NET API (also optional) which is included for free with RoboHelp along this path on your computer.
          C:\Program Files\Adobe\RoboHelp 7.0\CSH API\RoboHelp.NET

          The actual process to publish depends on your particular destination and method. For example, sending them via FTP to a web server directly, or placing them on a LAN Share drive where the web administrator can pick them up and place on the web server.

          Check out these two online help topics for more details. To access them, paste these two topics in the online help search box.

          WebHelp Publish dialog box

          New Destination dialog box

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            zjillian Level 1
            Thank you so much John, I appreciate the reply!!