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    CS5: Unable to use the Sample color Tool


      I'm sort of new to illustrator. The first problem:




      The red arrows indicate where I attempted to sample from.


      I first tried to sample while in normal mode (the window on the left) but my color picker (on the left) did not change, it instead remained light beige rather than the darker fill's tone I was sampling. Same issue on the right, wherein I did the same thing except in isolation mode instead of normal mode.


      I used the sample color tool from live paint (live paint + ctrl + left click on the desired area). However, the normal eyedroper tool (I) produces the same result (i.e. it does not work either). The color I am attempting to sample is a fill within a shape that is cropped by the 'draw inside' function. I have no idea why Illustrator is not allowing me to sample the fill color, can anyone help?



      Additional question: is there any way to make a shape without lines? Choosing transparent lines achieves an visually identical effect but I was curious as to whether this was possible without choosing transparent lines.