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    Authorizing my computer


      I just updated to ADE version 2.  It appears that I need to reauthorize my computer.  However, it is not accepting my adobe ID/password.  Error says: E_AUTH_NOT_READY.  Because of this, I am unable to move my library books onto my Nook.  Please help.

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          sjpt Level 4

          It may be that the Adobe servers have been misbehaving (again), and it will work in a bit.


          It may be that your ADE has got itself into a half-authorized state.

          Try ctrl-shift-D to deauthorise, restart ADE (possibly not necessary), and try again to authorize.


          You may need to disable your firewall temporarily while you authorize.


          You may be best of reverting to v1.7.2; which seems a lot more reliable than v2.0.

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            nookgal72 Level 1

            Thanks!  The deauthorize, reauthorize process worked for me.  I appreciate the help!