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    Uploading Sliced Image to HTML supported website


      Hello to all and thank you in advance for any assitance you can provide.  I am very novice in html but learning the ropes and teaching myself.  Let me just get right to it.  I've created an image in Photoshop and sliced the image so I can attach url links to additional information about the image.  Everything goes great on the Photoshop side and when I test just the image alone in a browser on my local end, it comes out great as shown here. 




      The players body and name are both sliced to direct to different web pages on the internet with more information. 


      My next step is going into Dreamweaver and adding the images to the html coding as I've move the images from my hard drive to a image sharing site so my photo can be viewed an utilized online.  I attach the image url's into the proper place in dreamweaver and once completed, view it a second window and online to which I get the exact same image as you see above, fully functional.  Now here comes the problem.  I'm trying to add this sliced image to an html supported website in a forum format.  I go into the comment section, open the html coding, add the code and select update.  I get the following image below. 




      The image sill works by directing me to the proper sites when I click on the player or the name, the only problem is this spacing that's shown up between the hosted images and won't go away.  If I view this image with hosted files in Dreamweaver it looks perfect, but when I add it to an html supported site it looks like it does above.  Like I said, I'm a novice in html but have to believe I either need to adjust the htlm coding or the site won't allow it.  I've contacted the site administrators and asked them and they stated I shouldn't have a problem outside of a file being to big, which this file isn't according to them.  So, am I missing something in the coding or do I need to remove something to make the image hole without the spacing?