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    publish to swf?

    kamal marrouche

      when do you plan to include this option in the products ?

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          I guess, never! For that there is Flash. Edge Animation is for HTML 5 output.

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            kamal marrouche Level 1

            I guess , you should , and I insist !!!!


            WHY > please check the below scenario !!!!!!!!


            I am a designer , I am not a CODER !




            I found EdgeAnimate very easy to use ,  very friendly


            I am doing project in InDesign (with whatever build-in animations facilities ) and for the more complex ones I am using Edge.

            Once finished designing  >

            I need to export to interactive PDF's  =  PDF needs "swf" format to work with animations and interactivities


            The only way to happen is :

            1- interactivities and animaions made in InDesign are exported first to "swf"

            2- the ones generated through Edge also needs to be published in "swf" format also.


            So , for my clients , I generate a PDF version of the job,  they could see  / prior to approve the project / a PDF version of a project >


            Once the job is approved by the client > THEN , I need to use the HTML version of the work to include in Ipad application or in web applications


            Most of the competitor products have the option to publish to both html5 and swf ???


            I insist on considering asap to have this option available|  ??

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              ♥Schrene Level 4

              I have found I have to do more coding in Edge to get what I want than I have to do in Flash.

              Flash has a lot more tools and options and is a lot more designer friendly

              I am a designer first and a coder second and if it wasn't for the need to create things in an HTML5 atmosphere ...

              then as a designer... I would most definitely rather be using Flash.

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                kamal marrouche Level 1

                you did not get me right


                I need the 2 version of the project :


                the "swf" published from edge and the HTML5 also published from edge


                the "swf" = is used as a quick , first look , of the project, along with other elements in indesign > all exported to swf > PDF , for a quick preview for the client


                the HTML5 = is used , when the project is to be ready for the final intent of the project , that is > iPad application ?

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                  ♥Schrene Level 4

                  Yes I understand that... it would make it easier...

                  I sometimes have to create duplicate projects in Flash and Edge...

                  But asking Edge to produce swf...

                  Is like expecting to get apple juice from oranges.

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                    kamal marrouche Level 1

                    Developper @ Adobe , THEY HAVE TO DO IT ,


                    it is not a WISH LIST


                    it is a MUST


                    HERE IS WHY:


                    PDF use : only swf version of interactivities and animation is possible !