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    How do I add a mask to a folder in Fireworks?


      I'm trying to make/add a mask to a folder in Fireworks so that all of the layers within that folder sit within the mask. Similar to Photoshop where you create a layer mask eg a triangle shape, you can then make all of the layers in the folder sit within the triangle because this is the mask shape you have given the folder.

      I have attached a screen grab of my layers palette and part of the design to the left of the palette. Basicaly I've manged to paste the image inside the box but I also want to paste inside other shapes and coloured text boxes, text etc. I've tried moving the 'text' folder to underneath the mask, hoping that it will appear within the mask shape but then the text disappears (it goes underneath the image on the design). Hmmm, I'm really stuck


      I am working on a Mac OSX version 10.8.2 and I'm working with Fireworks CS6.


      Thank you.


      screen shot.jpg

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          groove25 Level 4

          First, realize that the terminology in Fireworks is a bit different from Photoshop. What's called a "layer" in Photoshop is called an "object" in Fireworks (e.g., bitmap object, vector object, etc.). What's called a "group" in Photoshop is called a "layer" in Fireworks (a.k.a. folder). And when you see a folder within a folder, that's called a "sublayer".


          In Fireworks, masks cannot be applied to layers or sublayers (folders), but they can be applied to objects or groups. (Masks themselves are considered a special type of group.)


          To add an object to an existing mask group, position it where you want it, then cut the object. Select the existing mask group, and choose Edit > Paste Inside. The object will be placed inside the mask group. Masks can also be grouped and ungrouped quite easily, and this is another way to add or remove items. The Modify > Ungroup command can be used to ungroup a mask; an object could then be placed in the correct position and stacking order, and the whole object selection could be regrouped into a mask again using Modify > Mask > Group As Mask.


          Realize also that the mask in Fireworks belongs at the top of the object stack, not the bottom (as in Photoshop's clipping masks).