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    PSD files hang when opening after QuickStep process

    Press Start Ltd

      Hi guys,


      Hoping someone can assist me here. We have a customer using Photoshop CS6 he opens an image and performs the Quickstep process (the process where it scans the original image and rips out all of the different colours used to create the image) and then saves the image as both a PSD and EPS. If he then tries to open the newly saved PSD file the image hangs and gradually begins to open but then just locks up Photoshop to the point you have to end task to get out of it. If the EPS file is opened it opens absolutely fine. all other tasks and processes carried out in Photoshop are absolutely fine.


      Im not a user of Photoshop myself so apologies if i have written this badly. The user has Windows 7 Professional with 6Gb RAM, if that helps


      Many thanks