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    Why does Premiere Pro 6.0 become unresponsive with longer video sequences?


      Laptop A works fairly well with small Premiere Pro CS6 projects of 9 minute duration. Project is on external drive connected via USB2. Processing time is long, but at least I can get all my work done.


      However, when I use Laptop A for larger projects (25-minute duration), Premiere becomes unresponsive.


      Example: I try to press STOP during playback and it does no respond. In fact, the only way to stop playback is to press CTRL-S and wait for a minute until the CPU is ready to acknowledge your keystrokes.


      On Laptop B the same 25-minute project performs fine (again project is on external hard drive, but this time connected over USB3).


      So there are four differences between my laptops:


      Make & OSWin 7 Home Premium - 64-bit (Lenovo ThinkPad)Win 7 Pro - 64-bit (Dell Precision)
      CPUIntel i5Intel i7
      Internal HDSATA2SSD



      I can live with Laptop A being slow, but the unresponsive is a show stopper for me. Please help me figure out which of these factors is causing the unresponsiveness.